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Floating island for Intaka

22 February 2016


A six square metre biohaven floating island has been introduced to Cell One of Intaka Island as a pilot project to help control water quality.
Alan Liebenberg, Environmental Manager of the CCPOA, says Biohaven floating islands are a new and powerful tool in the maintenance of water quality within open waterways. 
“They are made from a matrix of recycled plastic to create a ‘concentrated’ wetland effect. 
“One square metre of a floating island matrix is equal to 175m2 of a natural wetland. These islands are also extremely effective at reducing total suspended solids and dissolved organic carbon in waterways,” says Liebenberg. 
He says the impact the island has on water quality will be monitored over the next few months and depending on the results, additional floating islands could be introduced in other areas within the Century City canal system.