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Controlled burn of Intaka Island

12 November 2013

Republished 11 December 2013

A controlled burn on Intaka Island will take place during the week of 19th March. This is required in terms of the Century City Environmental Management Plan and is endorsed by the Intaka Island Blouvlei Management Committee. The exact day of the burn will be weather dependent.

Century City Environmental Manager, Alan Liebenberg, says they have applied to the City for a permit to burn 2,5ha of the 8ha Sand plain fynbos in the ephemeral pans and the burn will be undertaken by a professional service provider.

“In terms of the Environmental Management Plan we need to undertake a burn every 15 years. We have divided the pans into three parts and will do them over the next three to six years depending on the regrowth from the first burn.”

The first section of Intaka Island to be burnt will be along its eastern banks in front of the Waterview Park and Liberty Life buildings.

A comprehensive information and educational campaign will be rolled out ahead of time.

Owners and occupiers of adjacent properties have the right to lodge written objections to the proposed open burning with the Council within 7 days of being notified.
For any queries or concerns, please contact the City’s Air Pollution Control Office on 021 590 5213.

For more information contact Alan Liebenberg on