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Century City Sportswomen excel!

20 July 2015

Century City sportwomen excel!

Two Century City sports women have excelled in recent weeks – one winning the Women’s Race of the 2015 Berg River Marathon and the other coming third in the annual Mauritius Half Marathon.

Bianca Beavitt, sponsored by the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA), was the runaway winner of the women’s race in the 2015 Berg River Canoe Marathon this July.

Bianca kept a firm grip on the women’s race from the outset and the determined competitor charged in to Velddrif unchallenged to claim her maiden Berg title.

“It’s amazing to get to the end and see everyone’s smiles of relief!” said Beavitt. “Coming towards the finish line I just kept saying to myself ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry!’ but it really is such an amazing feeling to be here and to win my first Berg title.

“I feel a bit battered and bruised after these four very long, tough days and I’m definitely booking a massage for this week!” she laughed after finishing 24th overall.

Tanya Posthumus-Fox, who runs for the Century City Athletics Club and who is also sponsored by the CCPOA, claimed the women’s third spot on the podium at the Mauritius half marathon with a time of 1:32:17.
Tanya, who missed second place by two seconds, was beaten by two professional runners – Nancy Koech of Kenya in a time of 1:17:35 and Isabelle Lebreton of Reunion Island in a time of 1:32:15.        
She will be enjoying a well-earned relaxation in Mauritius for the next week or so.