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Century City embraces Earth Hour 2014

28 March 2014

The World Wildlife Fund is calling on everyone worldwide to switch off lights and electrical appliances for one hour between 8:30pm – 9:30pm, on Saturday, 29 March.

We (the CCPOA) will be switching off all non-essential lighting within Century City, and while a number of residential and commercial developments have already indicated they will be doing their bit, we would like to encourage our entire Century City family – both residents and businesses – to join us in this initiative in support of Earth Hour 2014. 

This week, Intaka Island celebrated Earth Hour with Fairmont High School by taking part in their Green Expo (which was their celebration of Earth Hour). The expo consisted of a variety of exhibitors all demonstrating products, designs and initiatives to illustrate “green thinking” to the learners.

Speakers at the Fairmont Hight School Green Expo
Left to right;
Ms Tina Krynaauw from Waste Plan
Ron Dingley, principal Fairmont High School
Leandri Van Der Vyver, Intaka Island Eco Centre Coordinator
Prof Frank Dinter – Eskom Chari in Concentrating Solar Power, Dept of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, University of Stellenbosch
Dr Andrew Baxter – Head of Business Development and Fundraising, WWF-SA Rhino Programme
Ms Jeanie le Roux from Anti-Fracking
Willan Adonis Grade 11 – Chairperson of Green Society