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Century City acquires cutting edge Licence Plate Recognition system

29 April 2015

Century City has upgraded its Licence Plate Recognition system with cutting edge technology as part of its overall safety and security strategy to prevent crime in the precinct.

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners’ Association, the non-profit company responsible for the day to day running of the precinct, said Century City had been the site of an Automated Number Plate Recognition pilot project in conjunction with the Provincial SAPS War Room from 2010.

“With developments in this technology we undertook a comprehensive upgrade of our system in January this year which included the introduction of specialised Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at all five entrances, covering all lanes and both incoming and outgoing vehicles.

“These cameras have vastly improved both day time and night time visibility of vehicles,” he said. 
Blackshaw said as part of an earlier upgrade they had moved all cameras from a wireless system to fibre optics as part of the rollout of Century City Connect, Century City’s cutting-edge, open access fibre optic network which is enabling the country’s fastest voice, broadband and multi-media services in the precinct.

“The current upgrade has included the installation of a new software management system which is providing an early warning system for Century City of any suspicious vehicles entering the precinct and allowing us to track the movements of these vehicles around Century City. In addition the software can provide us with a historic record of a particular vehicle entering and leaving Century City.”
Marinus Boshoff, Century City’s newly appointed Safety and Security Manager, said the upgraded LPR system, which is linked to a comprehensive, localised database of registration numbers of vehicles suspected of being involved in criminal activity, had already reaped extremely positive rewards “with multiple hits being made on a daily basis” which in turn had lead to a number of arrests.
He said that when a suspicious vehicle enters Century City an alarm is set off in the Century City Control Centre. 
“The Control Centre manager then verifies the vehicle with its registration number and possible case number and if verified then Milnerton SAPS, who investigates further, and the Canal Walk control room are notified.”

Blackshaw said the LPR system was an integral part of Century City’s Safety and Security strategy which involved the deployment of state of the art technology in tandem with visible policing on the ground and backed up by a Rapid Response capability.