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Breakfast offerings in Century City

26 May 2015

After seven successful years, Time Square Cafe, in the Colosseum building, has closed making way for
an exciting new development which will be unveiled shortly.

Breakfast fans need however not fret. Apart from the vast choice of  breakfast outlets and restaurants in
Canal Walk, Century City boasts a wide variety of breakfast offerings to satisfy every sunrise hunger cry.

vida  e caffe in the Colosseum building is home to perhaps the most convenient breakfast offering for the on-the-go early bird. There you will find the handy Breakfast Wrap, croissants, muffins and an array of
other breakfast delights and not forgetting their famous Cape Town brewed coffees.

Just around the corner, you can relax with a full breakfast buffet at the Colosseum Luxury Hotel's Cin Cin 
restaurant. This offering, which is served until 10.30am, includes a breakfast feast catering to every taste, from cereals to cold meats, to delectable pastries to a full English breakfast.

The Crystal Towers Deli is another must-do for the early bird. What better way to conquer the Monday 
(or any day) blues than being spoilt for choice and treated to the Crystal life ambiance with a full buffet as early as 06:30am? 

Alternatively, if time is of the essence, and a fast, fresh, healthy breakfast is what you need before  (or
after) you hit the gym, Crave - in the Estuaries precinct - is for you.

So there is no shortage of variety and experiences to be had at Century City. Go and get a taste of yours!