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Automated Office Park Access Control

30 August 2016


Vehicular access control at office parks falling under the auspices of the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA) is being improved by shifting from a manual sign-in system for visitor vehicles to a state-of-the-art automated scanning of vehicle licenses. 
This follows the successful introduction of similar systems at a number of other office and residential complexes within Century City.
Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the CCPOA, said a range of technology was considered before favouring the “At-the-Gate” (ATG) access control system which entails the entrance security officer scanning the license discs of all visiting vehicles. 
“This dramatically improves the accuracy of the recording of visitor vehicle information and we introduced the technology in a pilot project at The Estuaries from 1 August 2016.”
He said an added benefit is that the scanning devices will also be linked to the Century City Control Centre’s Urban Management System which includes a database of suspicious vehicles. 
“The Century City Control Centre will automatically be notified if any of these vehicles enter the precinct and will initiate an effective tactical response. The ATG system is Cloud based and is POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) compliant.”
As an added security measure the CCPOA has also recently installed gates at the unmanned entrance to The Estuaries which will be closed after office hours to ensure that all vehicles utilise the manned entrance in the evenings and on weekends.
He added there were plans to roll the system out to other CCPOA controlled office parks down the line.