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Intaka Island


This majestic 16ha wetland and bird sanctuary is situated in the heart of Century City approximately 7km from Cape Town's CBD, just North of the N1 highway.

Intaka - which means bird in Xhosa, is a unique example of nature conservation and property development co-existing in harmony and for mutual benefit. Apart from the sprawling wetlands, cacophony of rare and popular birds and exquisite flora, Intaka Island offers you a place of solace, to take a stroll, relax, get in touch with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For more information visit: 

Intaka Island is open to visitors and groups 364 days a year (we are closed on Christmas Day)

Opening and Closing times:

Winter Months (May - September): 07h30 - 17h30
Summer Months (October – April): 07h30 – 19h00

Intaka Island Environmental Education Centre
As the main point of arrival, this multi-functional Environmental Education Centre accommodating groups of up to 75 at any one time, includes an assembly area, educational activity centre, reception, catering and ablution facilities.

Aside from meeting enviro-educational needs as well as showcasing to our visitors sustainable living best practices which optimise energy and natural resource efficienceis, the centre is also the ideal conference facility.

 For directions to the Eco-Centre on Intaka Island click here

Intaka Island Eco Centre Sustainability Elements

The Eco-Centre is aiming to be completely powered by renewable energy. The structure itself was built with as many environmentally friendly materials as possible and boasts a number or cutting edge sustainability elements.

The Below Diagram illustrates the various measure in place at the Eco-Centre


Sustainability Elements:


Our PUXIN biodigester, digests organic material.  The biodigester produces methane (CH3), which we burn, in turn, creating heat which can be used to power stoves and other household appliances


Grey water is harvested from our basins and used to flush the toilets.  Grey water can also be used for irrigation.

Rain Water Harvesting:

Our Rainwater Harvesting system allows us to keep our grey water tanks filled at all times, minimising our use of potable water.

Black Water Treatment:

The system sufficiently cleans our faecal waste water back to it’s ‘Grey Water’ state.  This water is then used for irrigation.

Earthworm Farm:

The earthworms provide us with a fertile compost, which they produce from feasting on left-over food waste.  The earthworm farm also produces a nutrient-rich ‘tea’, which is diluted and used as a fertiliser.


These composters are open to the ground, allowing insects access to the materials inside.  Organic material is decomposed by the micro-organisms and used as a nutrient-rich compost.

PolyWood Amphitheatre:

Our Amphitheatre is built out of this material, which is manufactured from recycled plastics that otherwise would be sent to landfill.

Recycling Station:

This is where Century City residents drop their recyclable waste.  The waste is collected by Wasteplan and transported to a sorting facility.

For more information visit or call 021 552 6889