As we find ourselves amidst a global situation never experienced before, under lockdown and unsure of our immediate futures, many of us are feeling helpless regarding the plight of those less fortunate.  Bombarded with images on the news and social media, we want to make a difference, but are not sure how we can help, where to start and who to assist.

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At Century City, the predicament of our neighbouring community Joe Slovo Park and the children of Sinenjongo High School is pressing on our hearts and we need to make a difference where it matters most: ensuring that these families do not go hungry. 

Century City Feed-A-Family is an initiative by the Century City Property Owners’ Association (CCPOA), Rabie Property Group and Century City Conference Centre and Hotel, with the objective of assisting our local community in feeding their families. 

Century City Feed-A-Family is registered with the provincial food mapping scheme. We have partnered with the Department of Social Development to ensure support from local Government and SAPS. Our NGO partner who assists with distribution is the South African Red Cross Society.

Food hamper collections take place from the Century City Conference Centre, directly to Joe Slovo. From there, every registered family signs for their food hamper on receipt.

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How can you help?

With the Century City Conference Centre in complete control of the procurement of the food hamper ingredients from their suppliers at the lowest prices, the Century City Feed-A-Family initiative needs funding.  Each hamper costs R400 and with our aim to feed 5 000 families, we require R2-million to reach this target.  Should the contributions we receive exceed our initial target, we will adjust our vision accordingly to accommodate more hungry families. 

Therefore, to maximise our efforts, we need as many financial contributions as possible.  With no management fees or packing and delivering charges applicable, every Rand contributed will go to purchasing foodstuffs to the community via Century City Feed-A-Family

Each contributor will receive a Section 18A receipt, which will entitle you to claim a rebate from SARS. Read how Section 18A works here: https://www.sataxguide.co.za/deductible-donations/

Whether big or small: every contribution helps, as accumulatively, it makes a huge difference in the life of a family in need. 


Our initial goal is to distribute 5 000 food hampers (to feed 20 000 people) until the end of June, with the eventual intent to assist as many hungry families as achievable. 

Each 30kg food hamper can feed a family of four for a period of three or four weeks and consist of staples such as tinned food, flour, pasta, rice, soap, sunflower oil, and toilet paper.

Should the contributions we receive exceed our initial target, we will adjust our vision accordingly to accommodate more hungry families. 



29 Jun

R 2 700 000

Donate now

You can make a direct deposit into the following account, which is independently audited by Mazars.

Name of account: Rabie Group Charitable Trust
Bank: Absa
Account number: 4067817773
Branch code:  632005
Account type:  Cheque

A copy of the approved bank letter for confirmation of the banking details is available on request.

Please send your proof of payment through to chrism@rabie.co.za , together with the necessary details to issue a Section 18A receipt to you.  Read here to find out what details we require:  https://www.sars.gov.za/FAQs/Pages/254.aspx


For general enquiries on Century City Feed-A-Family, please contact:

Liora Ment | liora.m@ccconferencecentre.co.za


Thank you for your generosity and for reaching out to help our local community, we trust that you will be greatly rewarded in return.  We will keep you updated on our progress.