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BEE Certificate

  1. BBBEE Certificate

CCPOA Budget and Levies – 2017.

  1. CCPOA Budget and Levies – 2017.

Century City Green Initiatives

  1. Good Practice Notes: Treated Effluent Usage as a Non-Potable Water Source in Century City Building Developments
  2. Century City Green Initiatives

Century City Pedestrian Map

  1. Century City Pedestrian Map

Century City Plant List

  1. Century City Plant List

Century City Precinct Map

  1. Century City Precinct Map

Century City Signage Guidelines

  1. Signage Guideline 8.7.1 Standard or Conventional Signs for Building Names
  2. Signage Guideline 8.7.2 Innovative, Designed Signs for Building Names and Special Signs
  3. Signage Guideline 8.7.3 Signage Design Guidelines for Complexes and Large Buildings
  4. Signage Guideline 8.7.4 Temporary Development Boards
  5. Signage Guideline 8.7.5 Temporary Construction Boards
  6. Signage Guideline 8.7.6 Temporary Decorative Hoardings
  7. Signage Guideline 8.7.7 Building Management Signs
  8. Signage Guideline 8.7.8 Temporary For Sale and To Let Boards
  9. Signage Guideline 8.7.9 Business Launch and similair signs
  10. Signage Guidelines 8.7.10 Front Door Building Name Signs

E-parking Lease Agreement

  1. Socrates Way E-Parking Lease Agreement
  2. Century Avenue E-Parking Lease agreement
  3. MyCiti E-Parking Lease Agreement
  4. Steel Bridge E-Parking Lease Agreement

Electronic Plan Submission Procedures

  1. Electronic Plan Submission Procedure

Events Application Form

  1. Events Application Form

Memorandum of Incorporation

  1. Memorandum of Incorporation

Rules and Regulations

  1. Century City Rules & Regulations