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Century City Art Trail

Routes of Discovery

Art, Tech and Nature Trails to enhance Century City’s world-class New Urban Environment.

As part of its initiative to enrich the urban environment of Century City for both visitors and residents, the Century City Property Owners’ Association, in conjunction with the Rabie Property Group, has embarked on a multi-faceted programme of outdoor educational exhibits and art works. A programme of pedestrian level information plaques will be erected to explain the various exhibits.

Three different routes have been launched - the Art Route, the Tech Trail and the Nature Trail. To be added to these at a later date is the Sports Route, an 8-kilometre measured distance that will begin and end at the new Virgin Active Gym, after circling Intaka Island, and featuring a number of outdoor exercise stations. A water-level measured route may also be added for canoeists, who are starting to use Century City’s 16 kilometres of navigable canals and waterways in increasing numbers.

Currently, the Tech Trail encompasses the Century City Sundial – an enormous, accurately calibrated sundial situated on the main pedestrian thoroughfare to Canal Walk from the Public Transport Interchange – and two historic steam-powered locomotives, which will be on permanent display in Central Park, Century City’s civic centre. Age of Steam - Power and Age of Steam - Articulated.

The Art Route consists of a number of mosaic and sculptural pieces including Ibis Rising, a mural mosaic on the walls of The Island Club; Family Reunion, a poignant wooden piece carved from a tree trunk; and Feather Lane, a series of circular mosaic meditations set in the paving of a lane leading down to Intaka Island. Other works include Steel and Shadow and Painted Tiles.

The Nature Trail incorporates Intaka Island, Century City’s award-winning 16-hectare wetlands nature reserve.

Each route has a signage system, which carries detailed information about each exhibit in the three official languages of the Western Cape, Afrikaans, English and Xhosa, and which will reflect the personality, professionalism and vibrant diversity of the Century City brand.