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Century City Property Owners' Association

The Century City Property Owners' Association, functioning as a mini municipality, is responsible for the management of the entire Century City Precinct. All property owners at Century City automatically become members of the CCPOA. This non-profit company is responsible for a number of services, these include:

  • Advancement of Century City as a quality development reflecting its aspirational lifestyle and ensuring investors, residents, business workers, shoppers and visitors perceive added value.
  • General site security, site access control as well as monitoring and traffic control.
  • Management of the Century City Transport Interchange which controls all public transport to Century City and the Internal Shuttle Bus.
  • Storm water management, maintenance of the canals and water quality.
  • The maintenance and landscaping of all public areas and the running of an on-site nursery.
  • Planting, maintenance and environmental conservation of Intaka Island, our award-winning wetlands conservation area.
  • Maintenance of all infrastructure including roads, bridges and guardhouses, street lighting and perimeter fencing.
  • Formulation of and implementation of the Disaster Management Plan.
  • Supply of treated effluent for irrigation purposes.
  • Formulation of the Urban Design Framework endorsed through the actions of the Design Review Committee.
  • Checking that contractors on site comply with the regulations governing them during construction.
  • Marketing and management of the Century City brand.
  • Sourcing, co-ordination and management of events.
  • Internal marketing and communication with Century City community including property owners, tenants and residents.
  • The full accounting and corporate governance function as required including levy administration and collection.

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The CCPOA is funded via a monthly levy system comprising one or more of the following:

  • A general levy: Payable by all owners on a pro rata basis based on the per square metre of floor space, excluding parking, or on the basis of the number of residential units owned.
  • A precinct levy: Payable by owners within a particular precinct who seek additional, ongoing services within the precinct from the CCPOA (e.g. additional security) .
  • A special levy: Payable by precinct owners who seek additional one-off projects within the precinct (e.g. brick paving).

Property owners at Century City have adopted the developer’s vision of a ‘new urbanist’ lifestyle set in a safe, clean and attractive environment enhancing the quality of life, human spirit and comfort.

Precincts and Directors

In terms of the Articles of Association, the entire site is divided into precincts and property owners within each precinct elect a director to serve on the Board of the CCPOA.

The precincts and directors are as follows:

Precinct Name Current Director    Contact details
Canal Walk GA Wood
Century View FJ Grunewald
Waterford VS Gutsche
Grand Moorings REP Harries
Bridgeways WJ Taylor
Mercantile On Hold  
Grand Central AG Usher
The Estuary SP Brand
Century Gate N. Khan