Water wise tips

with Joan Brummer

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Date 20 April 2018
Author Tatum Sieni
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I have a large oval shaped tub in the shower which catches up all the shower water. This is used for the toilet as everyone else does. I also catch the first cold run of the shower water to use in the kettle for tea/coffee and to brush my teeth with.

Once a week I enjoy a bath with the same amount of water needed for a full washing load. I then cart all the water by bucket and put into my top loader washing machine, which also has a water level choice, to do my laundry.

I remove the washing after the wash cycle but before rinse and then put in the bathmats etc to wash. Drain the water and spin then remove the mats.

Back goes the washing for a rinse and spin. Extra work but worth it.

I now use a ‘leave in’ hair conditioner which saves me more water than I use for a hair wash