Realistic \"accident\" has observers in a tizz

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

A simulation training exercise involving a pedestrian and child being knocked over and a second vehicle crashing into the accident scene at Century City last week was so realistic it had concerned observers in a tizz and calling for improved traffic controls in the precinct. Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the Century City Property Owners' Association which is responsible for the smooth running of the precinct, was quick to reassure them that the "accident" that took place around 11am on Friday morning on Century Way opposite the IBM building was a scheduled training exercise. He said three Century City response vehicles and ER paramedics in four vehicles plus an ER helicopter responded to the call out and provided "emergency treatment" to the four "patients". "Our two Metro Law Enforcement officers assisted in securing the area and controlling traffic. "The City of Cape Town's Disaster Management were advised in advance of the training exercise and together with Civil Aviation authorised the helicopter landing. Blackshaw said all emergency personnel were unaware that it was a training exercise until they had arrived on the scene and assessed the situation." He said initial reports on the training exercise were very positive and a more detailed debriefing involving all parties would also be held. "These training exercises play an important role in checking response readiness and identifying any areas for improvement. "Further exercises will be scheduled simulating similar and other emergency situations and will also involve other emergency services such as the Disaster Management, Fire Brigade, SAPS and City Traffic. "We would like to assure the public that the safety and security of all Century City stakeholders is of paramount importance and we will continue to prepare for any eventuality," he said.