Intaka Eco-Cenre seeks donations

for new water exhibit

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Date 21 June 2019
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889
URL Intaka Island

The Intaka Eco-Centre is owned by a Trust which was estab­lished in part as the fundrais­ing vehicle for the construction of the Eco‑Centre as well as its ongoing operational costs. It has Public Benefit Organisation status enabling it to issue Section 18A certificates to all donors and sponsors.

Century City Environmental Manager, Alan Liebenberg, says they are looking for items such as hand water pumps, windmills, manual sluice gates, Archimedes screws or even a small hydroelectric turbine.

“We would be very grateful if anyone has any of these items or the like that they no longer have a use for as it will enable us to create an exhibit stressing the importance of water in our lives and the need to use this valuable and threatened resource sparingly.”

The other exhibits in and around the Eco-Centre include an outdoor sustainable classroom that covers bio-gas, rainwater harvesting, black water treatment plants, earthworms and composting.

There is also a sustainable indoor classroom which features green building practices including solar panels, a wind turbine and solar geysers.

Intaka also recently introduced an aquaponics exhibit which combines conventional aquaculture (the raising of aquatic animals) with hydroponics (the cultivation of plants in water) in a symbiotic environment which mimics a natural wetland system.

Learners are also taught about the Intaka Island’s 16ha wetlands eco systems and the bird and plant life on the island.

For further details contact Alan Liebeneberg on 021 5526889 or email info@intaka.co.za