First photograph snapped of Intaka Island Grysbok!

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

One of the Grysbok which were reintroduced to Intaka Island nature reserve at Century City a year ago has been spotted for the first time since their release.

Two Grysbok - a pregnant female and a younger male - were reintroduced to the Intaka Island wetlands conservation area 14 years after they were last spotted in the area following a lengthy approval process and with the full support of Cape Nature, the City of Cape Town's Nature Conservation Department and the Blouvlei/Intaka Island Environmental Committee.

Jarrod Lyons, co-ordinator of the newly completed Intaka Island Environmental Education Centre, who captured the adult female grysbok on film on an overcast day this week, says Grysbok are extremely shy and tend to hide during the day only venturing out from the thickets under cover of dark.

"While we often find their spoors this is the first time we have captured them on film since their release and it would appear the female is pregnant again which we are all very excited about."

Environmental manager Alan Liebenberg said they have found juvenile faeces and spoor and also blood and a placenta in faeces early this year which showed that the female has already given birth.

"When they first arrived we were told the male was young and not ready yet to procreate but the fact that the female is pregnant again would indicate he is more mature than originally believed."

Intaka Island has been included in a new 'Grysbok Project' being undertaken by the Cape Town City Council to enable smaller nature reserves to keep Grysbok in a more sustainable way. At some stage in the future, Intaka will exchange animals with other reserves to keep the genetic pool healthy.

For further details contact Alan Liebenberg on 021 552 6889.