Chef in the City

- Delia Harbottle | Head Chef | Square Café and Wine Bar

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Date 26 September 2019
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Name Natalie Du Preez
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889
URL Century City

Our new exciting series will focus on the amazing culinary talent we have in the restaurants in Century City. Each month, we’ll feature one of our food magicians to get a glimpse of the inspired genii behind the serving counter.

Delia Harbottle | Head Chef | Square Café and Wine Bar

Hailing from the coastal town of East London, Delia earned her stripes at the Royal Hotel in Durban. Under the inspired watchful eye of Werner Koch, she blossomed into a distinguished chef, with her first Head Chef position at The Plettenberg Hotel, thereafter The Marine Hotel in Hermanus, The Cellars-Hohenort in Constantia, The Stack in Cape Town CBD and eventually Head Chef at Square Café and Wine Bar at Century City Hotel since February 2019.

Who is your favourite celebrity chef and why?

When I started out, the term celebrity chef was not really a thing.  I would have to say that my mentor, the late Werner Koch, is my version of a celebrity chef.  He taught me everything I know, and in his kitchen, all the necessary character building happened to enable me to be the chef I am today.

When you’re invited for a lunch or dinner, what’s your go-to specialty you take along?

I usually avoid cooking when I’m not at work!  As a dinner guest, I will make something simple like a chocolate fondant.  You can take the ingredients with you and whip it up on no time.

What kind of food do you like to eat?

I love simple, delicious food.  I am easy to please and am happy with a toasted cheese sandwich. Strangely enough, my friends joke that when it comes to ordering at a restaurant, I can never make up my mind.  Everything usually looks good. 

When I cook for myself at home, I love something simple like a steak and salad.  Uncomplicated home cooking is magic!

The Square Cafe & Wine Bar is open daily from 07:00 - 22:30. To make a reservation, please contact them on T +27 21 204 8000 | E book@squarecafewinebar.co.za