Century City strives to be a crime free zone

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Date 05 April 2017
Author Liesel

The following article was published in City, the official Century City Magazine.

One of Century City's greatest attractions to those living and working here is that it is a safe and secure precinct.

While at this stage we unfortunately can't claim to be a 100% crime-free zone, we do pride ourselves on our comparatively low crime statistics which is in no small part a result of the zero tolerance approach to crime that has been adopted since Century City's inception.

In addition, the success rate in apprehending those that commit crimes in Century City is well above the norm.

Security at Century City works on a three tier system. Firstly, the Century City Property Owners' Association (CCPOA) is responsible for security in the common areas or in other words, the public realm. The commercial property owners and the Body Corporates and Home Owners' Associations of residential complexes are responsible for the security of their developments while the third tier of security are individual property owners who are responsible for the security of their units.

The strategy of combining the use of cutting-edge technology with highly visible policing and rapid emergency response has proven very successful in curbing crime at Century City.

An integrated wireless CCTV surveillance system with a network of dome and fixed cameras cover the gateway entrances and common areas. Some 93 cameras are linked to digital video recorders in the centralized control centre which is manned 24 hours a day by a highly trained team of security officials ready to respond to any situation.

The state-of-the-art control room, which is the nerve centre of Century City, is in direct control with SAPS and Council emergency services as well as with other security officers operating in Century City.

As you are no doubt aware, the entire perimeter of Century City is walled or fenced and access is monitored through manned security control points at all gateway entrances. In addition, access to certain precincts within Century City is boom controlled.

Visible policing of the site is by four easily identifiable Century City branded vehicles, together with bicycle and foot patrols. We also have a very close relationship with the local SAPS and have two dedicated Metro law enforcement officers working with our response team.

The CCPOA security personnel, who are normally first at the scene of an emergency incident, are trained to provide emergency first aid and a fire fighting response as well as traffic control until such time as the City emergency services can get there.

In addition Century City has a Disaster Management Plan (DMP) which will be implemented immediately if a major event occurs. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure that individual property owners' DMP, including building evacuation plans, are aligned and complement the Century City DMP.

We call on all stakeholders at Century City to assist us in keeping our precinct safe and secure by reporting any suspicious behavior to our control room on  021 552 0289. If we are all vigilant and work together we can achieve our goal of a 100% crime-free precinct.