Century City prepared for festive season

Century City prepared for festive season

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Date 27 November 2014
Author Liesel
Contact Email info@centurycity.co.za

Century City is gearing up for yet another bumper festive season.

The CCPOA-driven Operational Management Forum, which co-ordinates and facilitates law enforcement, security, traffic and disaster management issues within Century City, has been proactively preparing for the Festive Season.  

Chris Blackshaw, CEO of the CCPOA, says representatives from Canal Walk, Ratanga Junction, SAPS and Century City security recently had met with CCPOA management to update the plan.

In terms of traffic, all the signalized intersections are on the SCOOT system which results in signal timings changing automatically according to real time traffic patterns. 

He said the Century City Control Centre would be working closely with the Goodwood Traffic Management Centre (TMC) to monitor the situation and to remotely adjust signal timings if required.

Extra parking assistants will assist with flow of traffic into and out of Canal Walk and there will be temporary parking signage guiding traffic both off the Boulevard and within Canal Walk parking areas.

In addition the Century City Traffic Officer will be deployed to Century Boulevard to work late shifts in the weeks leading up to Christmas and Century City’s two contracted Law Enforcement Officers will also work the busiest shifts so they can help with traffic management if necessary.

“We have also requested City Traffic to increase patrols in and around Century City over this time.”

Blackshaw said to accommodate the anticipated parking demand on peak days and on Sundays (when Hillsong Church require parking), Ratanga Junction will be operating a park-and-ride system from the MyCiTi E-Parking and an open field in front of Oasis.  Temporary signage will be utilized to guide vehicles.

Regarding public transport, he said the MyCiti, Golden Arrow and mini bus taxi services will adjust their schedules to accommodate the extended shopping hours in Canal Walk.

Blackshaw said all Century City CCPOA security service providers including the 24/7 Control Centre, CCTV surveillance operators and the two Metro Law Enforcement Officers deployed to Century City will be on heightened alert and Canal Walk and Ratanga Junction had both stepped up their security.

“The recently introduced additional security measures in Canal Walk will continue for the Festive Season.  This includes rapid tactical response vehicles on the perimeter, enhanced control room staffing, further deployment of security personnel inside the mall and in the outside parking areas, etc.  Emergency communication Standard Operating Procedures have been reviewed and clear protocols are in place,” he said.

“We have also requested SAPS to include Century City in their Festive Season Plan and to have foot patrols on Century Boulevard, in Canal Walk and its parking areas, Police chopper visits, mounted (horse) patrols, roadblocks on Century Boulevard and random morphed touch operations all aimed at increasing their visibility and policing in the area.”

Blackshaw reiterated that in the event of an emergency the Century City Control Centre should be contacted first hand and they in turn would contact SAPS, City Traffic Control Centre and other emergency services. The contact number for the Control Centre is 021 202 1000.