Century City Athletic Club turns 10!

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Date 26 November 2019
Author Tatum Sieni
Contact Name Bertie Cloete
Contact Email info@centurycityathletics.co.za
Contact Telephone +27 21 552 6889
URL Century City Athletics Club

Century City Athletics Club celebrated its 10th-anniversary last week in a formal event and prize-giving which saw members old and new gather to celebrate the great strides made over the past decade. 

Chairman Bertie Cloete reflected on the club's humble beginnings: "While the club was small when we started, thanks to CCPOA we started with a bang - the Century City 10km Express." The race and fast developing area showed the need for a club that could reflect Century City's "Live, Work and Play" mantra, and a running club seemed like the perfect addition. 

The club was formally launched a year later in 2009 by Richard Kohler, who had been involved in launching Century City's canoe club, and saw a few key people coming together to bring running to town, one of whom was three-time Comrades winner Vladimr Kotov, who CCPOA had been sponsoring. A constitution, a debate on club colours and CCA was born! 

"Growth was quite slow at first. Like any long run, it took a while to get going," said Cloete, who would join in 2010 and become chairman later that year. "We decided to have a relaunch in 2011 - an opportunity for people to learn more about what being part of a club is all about. It turns out, people can be quite shy about just rocking up." The relaunch was a great success and saw the club numbers steadily rise. 

"While the numbers were small, the spirit was noticeable from the beginning. There was something special about those people that came together," he said during the anniversary event, acknowledging the contribution of a handful of those first members who have supported the club every step of the way. The club would see steady growth until 2015 when numbers started to spike and the "Gold and Black" were a familiar site on Western Province road races and the club took over the running of the Express alongside CCPOA. 

Today 340 members run for Century City. Among those, the club has seen multiple podium wins across middle and long distance running. A significant percentage of the club participate in the countries biggest races; members have even run in their colours in international races. CCA has also run a successful development programme since 2010 - at first with the Jag Foundation and since 2013 a close relationship with Sinenjongo High School in Joe Slovo Park. 

"Many people think running is a solo sport, but I can tell you that's not true. If I look at my running career, the best times were those spent together. These people [club members] have made it possible. There is a spirit here that is irreplaceable. Imagine what we will do in the next ten years," said Cloete. 

The Century City Property Owners’ Association would like to congratulate you on a wonderful 10 years and thank you for all your hard work, dedication and the contribution you have made to sporting events in Century City.

Here’s to another fantastic 10 years!

Image 1 caption: 

Moses Skosana is awarded the Century City Athletics Club Sportsman of the year floating trophy - the highest honours in the club. This year Moses, who has come through the Development Programme, ran a stunning Comrades in 8 hours. But he has perhaps been most noticeable in the many hours he's spent on the sidelines cheering others on. His incredible zest for the sport and natural talent are matched by his desire to see others achieve and to help them along. Rarely does someone come along that excels in all parts of the sport. 

Image 2 caption: 

Stalwart members Susan Magner of Magner Properties and Bertie Cloete, Chairman of CCA, celebrate in front of the club's birthday cakes on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. 

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Alison Thomson of Alison Thomson Physiotherapists is recognised for her contribution to the running club over the past 10 years. One of the original members, Alison joined with husband Graham Kirk in 2009 and have been active in all areas ever since. 

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Club members were joined by special guests from Western Province Athletics. 

L-R: Lester Cameron - WPA Chairman 2019, Ruth Cameron, Francois Gouws, chairman of WPA Road Running Commission, Bertie Cloete, Century City Athletics Chairman, Rita Wilson Cloete, and stalwart members Jaqui Visagie and Lieze Joubert.